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This 8 week Introductory Course to Arduino Programming for children aged 11+ combines hardware and software platforms for a fun hands-on learning environment.   Children will work on different projects each week while learning to design and create their own programs!

An Arduino is a fairly simple microcontroller computer - a small computer that runs only one program (unlike a general purpose computer, or smart phone these days). In order to program it, you need a special program running on your laptop and you need to bring your laptop to Saturday classes..  Children will learn how to use that special program, write their own code (very similar to C code), and learn to upload the program into their Arduino (Nano). The circuit board is a specially designed board with fairly simple circuits that the students can use to turn on or off the LEDs, a noise buzzer, read sensors like a Light-Dependent Resistor (LDR), etc.   There are even two expansion slots for additional sensors if the students want to expand their knowledge!  Below are examples of topics covered in the classes:

Introduction to Arduino and the Edu-Shield 1

Blinking Lights

Morse Code and blinking

Variables, Conditions, and the Serial Monitor

Digital versus Analog, and Learn to read pins (read the button)

Learn For/Next and While loops. Start work on their own Projects

Design and program their own programs and present them



The Arduino Nano looks like this:

And the Edu-Shield (circuit board) looks like this:

This board is yours to keep and use at home!   The students will learn how to do some really neat things with this board by the end of the program, but if they want to further their knowledge on Arduinos, there are additional courses available and even into Advanced Topics such as EEPROM, maxing out MHz (kHz), power consumption, etc.


By the end of this introductory course, students should be capable of programming this board at home and making their own fun inventions.

Some of the sensors the students can use in the class are temperature sensors, photoresistors (or LDRs), and knock sensors (piezo-electric) that sense touch or movement.

Temperature Sensor - TMP36

This is a great class for kids that love computers and programming and learning how and why things work. All their programming skills that they learn are transferrable to almost all other programming languages.
If your kids enjoy "Maker" type projects, this is probably right up their alley! There are many types of Arduinos (including wearables) and they are all programmed the same way, so learning one (the Nano) gives them exposure to many, many other microcontrollers!


Please sign up today at www.eventbrite.ca and search for We Know...Arduino!

The course is Saturdays, starting January 13, 2018 at Timeless Cafe and Bakery, 305 Northfield Rd E, Waterloo. We are scheduled upstairs in their Community Room at 9:30 am - 10:30 am each Saturday for 8 Saturdays going until Mar 3.


The total cost of the 8 week program is $220 which includes all fees and the cost of the Edu-Shield (circuit board plus Nano microcontroller), which is yours to keep and take home.  All software that is required is free to use.

Space is limited to 8 students per session so sign-up today! If spots are full, please use the Wait list tickets - if we get enough kids on the wait list, we will run another class at a similar time.

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